Cody S. Brothers - Pinhole NYC
Congratulations to Cody S. Brothers for being the recipient of the Black & White Spider Awards.

Brooklyn Bridge 786

On January 1, 2012, I undertook the project/task of taking an infrared pinhole image everyday for a year. My travels that year took me to New York City for an exhibit; and thusly, gave me the opportunity to incorporate the city and the surrounding area, in my project, "Through the Pinhole 366, 2012". Upon seeing the results of a week's worth of photographing the city, strictly with my pinhole camera; it immediately became apparent to me that a pinhole project of the city would be in my future.


In February 2014, I set out on this new adventure; with the goal of capturing New York City and it's surrounding areas, in each of it's seasons, strictly using only pinhole cameras. My plan is to complete this project in December of 2015.

One may ask, "Why pinhole cameras?" The answer is, simply, to attempt to capture one of the most photographed cities in the world in an entirely new way. The modifications I have made to each of my cameras, allow me to exclusively shoot infrared film. Therefore, extending exposure times drastically; offering an unique perspective of New York and it's street life.

Find out more about Cody S. Brothers here. or codybros.com

Recently, Cody S. Brothers wroted an article for The Observer Magazine which includes new images of The Highline. Find it here.