Brian Neish - Deepest Harmony
13004 Williams FSG786

Ivy Brown Gallery proudly presents Brian Neish’s first solo New York exhibition:
‘Deepest Harmony’ is a series created specifically for this exhibition and further develops Neish’s exploration of time and experience through the layering of paint, color and texture. Recently, Neish has invented a fresh approach using loose painted panels before manipulating them to create finished paintings. For this exhibition there are, among other works, 10 pieces, each one having 9 panels giving a possible 95,126,814,720 permutations. It would take the viewer over 3,000 years to explore all the available combinations in just one piece.

786 Colorscape

Neish’s interest is unswerving in expressing something of the actual properties inherent to oil paint as a material in its own right. Paint is dragged and spread across its support revealing and concealing older layers underneath: at times spilling over the edge to add an element of chaos within the imposed formality of the depicted shapes, celebrating the paint's subliminal qualities, and allowing the marks to take you where they will.


Each series of treatments, conducted over many months, reveals surprising and unexpected moments, emphasizing to Neish the vulnerability of our times in what seems to be an increasingly virtual world. The paintings in this moment seem to say "I exist, I am real ... and so are you ..." “It’s as important to look at the physical edges of my work as anywhere else…in some ways these are the best elements because they reveal the timeline of the piece itself.”
“People are often present in my work: memories I have of someone or an association with a particular individual…or perhaps the initial idea for a painting comes from a place and a shared adventure. They are there but remain concealed, as locked into the painting as they are locked into my soul”.

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ABOUT BRIAN NEISH: Born in Derby, England, in 1962. He obtained a First Class Honors Degree in Art and Art Education at King Alfred’s College, Winchester in 1985, and later completed a post-graduate year of study at Dartington College of Arts in Devon. Until 2010 he enjoyed a highly successful career teaching Art and Art Education, principally at the Universities of Chichester and Southampton. Following a period of focused research based on ageing surfaces on architectural features such as walls, doors, shutters and panels, his work explores the expressive qualities provided by the multiple layering of oil paint to invoke feeling and a tangible sense of the passing of time. Paint is never scraped off to mirror the way that our memories and experiences cannot be stripped out either. His work always evolves from what has gone on before. Currently he is working on collaborations with artists in Stockholm and Berlin. His work can be seen in public institutions in the UK and is currently represented by London Contemporary Art and Ivy Brown Gallery in New York City.

Brian Neish's work is available on 1stdibs.
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