Special Event - Nocturnal

Kate March in collaboration with the Ivy Brown Gallery
presents NOCTURNAL
Tuesday November 14th, 7pm-9pm Doors open at 6:30pm

Performance artist Kate March debuts NOCTURNAL -- a series of solos inspired by the absence of light -- the night. Expect an evocative experience featuring performance art, fashion, and live painting through dance. Ms. March invites the audience to join her on an intimate journey as she reveals an exploration of nighttime musings and mysteries. A timely and personal expression of the powerful duality of darkness: where fear, insomnia, and uncertainty lurk -- but more importantly, where hope, creative urgency, and clarity are born.

Kate March is an American multi-hyphenate artist and entrepreneur based in New York City. Ms. March is a performance artist, director, writer, choreographer, speaker, and producer. She received her BA in Performance/Choreography from Connecticut College and her MA in Choreography from Middlesex University in London. In addition to her solo work, Ms. March is the founder and creative director of the all female creative collective - I AM. I AM is a global pioneer in immersive performance and a passionate think tank for innovative multidisciplinary concepts. They develop and perform original experiences in places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, the Maldives, China, Thailand, and the US. The group of visionary artists redefines the exchange between the audience and performer while always considering the female gaze in the creative process. www.iam-concepts.com

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