Jamel Robinson - Facing Infinity

Facing Infinity is the third major public solo exhibition by artist Jamel Robinson. On January 14th, 2016, in conjunction with the Ivy Brown Gallery and Jamestown LP, Jamel will display works throughout the historic Chelsea Market in New York City through the end of February.

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In an attempt to explore the infinite possibilities of changing the atmosphere of a public arena through artistic expression, the Ivy Brown Gallery has curated a collection of sixteen abstract self portraits on paper that will challenge the upwards of 20,000 passers by that filter through the Chelsea Market on a daily basis.
This body of work is reflective of Robinson's poetry in painting and the expression of the visual language he uses to ask and answer the questions posed by his inner self which are expressed in the constantly changing views we have of ourselves and the many faces we wear.

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About Jamel Robinson
Jamel Robinson is a poet turned self-taught painter that started his journey onto canvas and other mediums after being asked to paint one of his poems for an art show in 2011. Since then he has appeared in several group shows and paints "representational abstract" works that have sold to a variety of collectors. Jamel currently lives in Harlem where he was born, raised and continues to create.

Find more about Jamel Robinson on instagram @jrcreativeink or Facebook