Jorge Joubert - Empty Hole

Tuesday, May 9th through Tuesday, May 30th 2017
Opening Reception with Artist Tuesday May 9th, 6pm - 8pm

Ivy Brown Gallery proudly present Jorge Joubert’s premiere New York exhibition “Empty Hole." Joubert searches for his path, his place in the world, his reason to exist, a question we often ask ourselves, “Why are we here?”

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His camera is the medium he uses to express his emotions, he takes a painstaking amount of time to plan and create each image. They reflect Joubert’s questions while searching for an answer he may never get. It is his chosen route to self-knowledge and exploration.

“Creating these images is a lifetime of work that is constantly changing.  They are meant to evoke feelings that take the viewer to a deeper place.  The effect on the viewer has a wide range from hope to anger. It is like a mirror that each individual see’s their own issues, hopes and fears. The work shows how diverse and complicated we all are and strives to give the viewer a piece of mind that we all experience, a range of emotions and doubts as we search for our own self-discovery.”

Find more about Jorge Joubert here.