Joyce Barker-Schwartz

Joyce Barker Schwartz's works start with an intent to create a juxtaposition between thought and mass. Her body of work is a dialogue, which is arrived at through personal introspection and observation. It is her desire that propels her to offer the viewer, many facets of continuing, repetitive narratives. Her process is to create depth and structure by breaking the surface or through application. Color saturation plays an integral part in defining the narrative and energy of the work.
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Working in series, as demonstrated by "in the beginning", the obsessive creation of spirals, metaphorically speaking, represent where we are psychologically: circumstances sometimes place us in the vortex, spinning out of control and at other times on the periphery, open and receptive. Each piece represents organic entities - witnesses and participants to life. These works chronicle past and present events throughout civilization. "For me, the painting, cutting and rolling of each spiral was meditative ... I was creating an individual spirit, one piece at a time."


The spirals are next seen in "plasticity. the elusive vs. the natural order".   They represent the beginning stages of organic matter. The three dimensional microcosms depict the possible total desecration of our earth's resources.  Using decomposed matter and plastic materials, the work explores the premise that from the proliferation of "Plastic Pollution", the organic is replaced by the inorganic. Ergo ... a cautionary tale.  

"Due to oil and excessive debris on it's surface, I witnessed the Cuyahoga River on fire while living in Cleveland, Ohio in the early 1970's. The pollution was so severe that keeping my windows open was not possible, it was hazardous. Those circumstances still have a profound affect on how I personally choose to live and create. We are in clear danger of going back to similar situations... this should not be an option."  - Joyce Barker-Schwartz.

Joyce Barker Schwartz, was born and raised in Philadelphia in 1950. She currently resides and works in Philadelphia half the year, the remaining months in Florida and trekking around the world with her husband. She is inspired by her explorations - "I have made my way through five of the seven continents"

For the last thirty year, Barker-Schwartz has exhibited throughout the United States and abroad.  Her work has been collected extensively in both the private and commercial sectors.

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