Juan Miguel Palacios

Palacios makes a profound reflection on the lack of mourning for loss, both physical and emotional. As if a theatrical stage, he generates scenes where elements of everyday use have been abandoned and left to themselves. Through large-scale paintings, architectural spaces are recreated, like a warehouse’s deterioration over the years through lack of use, with broken chairs and tables. Machines with no more purpose, utensil remains turned into trash. A tribute to death with no tears, funerals or goodbyes. Building on his interest in current social behaviors, in the series “Uneasiness”, Juan Miguel Palacios reflects on how welfare societies, following a continuous flow of uncontrolled and irrational consumerism, tend to constantly search for higher socioeconomic status, which will allow the individual to be distinguished from the average.

This relentless pursuit of being different, through the acquisition and possession of goods, generates an endless uneasiness. In this case, and following the same compelling exploration of interior space to set up the scene, Juan Miguel Palacios, metaphorically presents magnificent palace halls, indulgent in their own right, that reached their maximum splendor and nowadays left devastated and abandoned to an uncertain fate. Disturbing scenes of these lounges, with usual elements in his work, crumbling tables and chairs, ravaged pianos, a fireplace that will no longer bring heat and comfort, are now a refuge of trash, a lair of waste. A metaphor of our wealth battered by our incessant search for opportunity. Magnificence abandoned in silence. Large-scale paintings, developed as Palacios habituates, with a free and powerful technique, always modern, driven by the search for new forms of expression, where the superposition of transparent layers creates a 3D effect. Canvas, vinyl, methacrylate, aluminum, marmol, surfaces where Juan Miguel Palacios presents his shocking and extensive work.


Born in Madrid in 1973, Juan Miguel Palacios begins to paint at the early age of 6 years. After a long journey with many Art Professors and Fine Art Schools, at age 12 he joined the studio of the renowned Spanish painter Amadeo Roca Gisbert (disciple of Joaquin Sorolla) for six years. Along those years, he was educated and formed in a strict academic training until he joined the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid in 1991. When he had completed his college degree, in 1997 he founded the Laocoonte Art School of Madrid. During this period, he will combine mentoring and teaching with the development of his artist career with exhibitions in different cities of Spain and countries of Europe. Works as a muralist, theater scenographer, and film posters painter will string along with him during these years. Currently, he resides in NY since 2013.
Juan Miguel Palacios work is available on 1stdibs.

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