Paul Wirhun - Under the Sea


Paul Wirhun was raised in a family of Ukrainian descent, attended Seminary prep school and colleges, finishing his formal education at Catholic University.  Upon completing an M.A. in philosophy, he moved to Provincetown, MA, where he began a career as an artist, exploring the eggshell as his medium.

Moving to NYC in 1998, Wirhun began creating collages and paintings by adhering broken eggshells to found wood, creating two dimensional.  He has participated in numerous juried group shows as well as solo exhibitions throughout the US, with work being collected privately and by several institutions.

"I have worked on eggshells since I was a child, learning the traditional Ukrainian art of pysanky from my mother.   This artistic and cultic use of eggs informs my work to this day - as I believe that eggs are events - not simply objects.  The shells (while the protective casing for the new life inside) are memories of the primal events that produced the eggs, intended as new life."

Transfiguration   Wirhun2   Eros Dreaming

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