Sasaki - Heartbeat Portrait Project

20,440,000 Heartbeats to date

Internationally renowned artist SASAKI, has been obsessively continuing to produce HEARTBEAT DRAWINGS since 1995, in which he records heartbeats with a pen or airbrush. Today people from all over the world have in their possession more than 5 million heartbeats, drawn on over 300 artworks. In total there have been depicted more than 20 million heartbeats, on over 1600 artworks until today - and that number is still growing.

sasakiairbrush process3

Since 2007, HEARTBEAT PORTRAIT has been started to perform the interactive live drawing that SASAKI draws paintings as portraits of people's heartbeats, drawn on over 1300 people in the world until today.

1. A pulse monitor/heartbeat sensor is attached to the finger of the participant, and the measured signal is output as audio, in real time through a sound system with the sound and rhythm echoing throughout the gallery space.


2.  In response to this rhythm, Sasaki draws the image of heartbeat waves for a period of time. (For example 1 or 3 minutes. Participants are given the unique opportunity to experience the sound and rhythm of their own heartbeat while watching this depicted as a HEARTBEAT DRAWING by Sasaki.

sasaki1 process2 sasakipen

3. Through this process it becomes proof of each person's living being and therefore, comes to form a
"Heartbeat Portrait".


For more on Sasaki go to his website here. Heartbeatdrawing.net