Tracy Morgan - Abundance
at the KTCHN
508 West 42nd Street until August 1st
Exlusive Preview - Monday June 8th 6pm - 8pm

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Tracy Morgan's canvases explode with color, patterns and life.  Morgan, who has traveled the globe extensively, brings her otherworldly world into her paintings. Her inspiration comes from flowers that are an integral part of her work. Morgan says, “The bodegas and corner stores; these are like ports - we pop in and out.” Morgan captures a city moment; the glowing street lights, flowers and graffiti a burst of "abundance" - a little lightening of the heart.


About Tracy Morgan: My day job has taken me all around the world. On my travels it’s the markets that I look to visit, always returning to my studio with loads of inspiration.

My visual memories are of roadside makeshift stands made of sun-faded plastic tarps, rope, umbrellas, plywood, and dried foliage.

Each vendor, setting up shop takes such care in the details: the placement of food or flowers, watches or woodcarvings, textiles or fruit. The second your eyes meet, its open for business!

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