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Meatpacking District, NYC


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David Calderley / GRAPHICTHERAPY

This capsule of collage/mixed media prints: ‘Eating Vinegar with A Fork,’ reflecting a dry wit, as suggested in the title; juxtaposing formal Victorian etchings with paint, graffiti and graphic linework to give a light commentary to the social environment and world we live in.
David Calderley is an Englishman in New York, Creative/Art Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. After graduating from the esteemed St. Martin’s School of Art in Covent Garden, London and beginning a freelance career, he moved to New York City in 1990. Over the last 30+ years he has designed over 1200 albums and single covers, as well as promotional and full campaigns for a myriad of artists including, Interpol, Madonna, The White Stripes, RZA, Moby, The Black Crowes, Elvis Costello, to name a few.
After a 10 year spot as the Creative Director for Sir Richard Branson’s North American Record Label V2, he set up GRAPHICTHERAPY in 2007, a small boutique creative agency that offers a complete range of design services, both in print and media.
A unique mix of art direction, design and creative illustration can be seen across a wide variety of brands, products and publications in music, fashion, events and campaigns. His largest illustrated piece is a 90ftx50ft mural on 57th and Park Avenue for the British menswear company, Turnbull & Asser, as part of their rebrand. David’s work has been recognized by numerous global companies and publications, and has won several industry awards. He continues to work from his studio in Harlem.