Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth Jordan is an emerging artist working primarily in sculpture. Her work uses multiple materials to produce unique, organic forms. In early 2016, she participated in an exhibition at the Cornell Art Museum in Delray Beach, where her on-going work titled “The Lives of Birds” was installed. After living in NYC for 30 years, she currently resides and has a studio in Bayonne, NJ. Elizabeth Jordan is a member of AS | Artists Studios, and her other works —including artist’s books and prints.

"I carry on a conversation with my work in the studio. The conversation is private, between me, and my materials, and would likely not be understood by an outsider. It is my hope that this conversation results in answers to the secrets that are hidden in the potential of my materials. I think this is true for anyone who engages in the creation of a handmade object...the secrets are really revealed only to the maker. While appearing both ominous and timid, these works, like me, are introspective observers of the world. They mimic the strengths and weaknesses of my personality by appearing cautious and bold. When I relinquish control and let my day dreams take over, they become forms whose species are hard to pinpoint. Working without restraints allows them to lead me to unpredictable places. Sometimes they are like characters in a fable telling a strange and vague story. At other times, a single creature, bound awkwardly to its environment, looks either tortured or safely secure. Their mysterious appearances demonstrate how obsessive processes and multiple materials can both inspire and alter meanings, and are a reminder of the ephemeral and transitory nature of our existence.”