Francesco Minuti

Francesco Minuti, is an Italian Painter. ( Cosenza, 11/05/1992 ) Minuti, after his Diploma, graduated at the Academy of fine Arts. As a painter, he has been the subject of solo and group exhibitions in Europe , Arab Emirates, China, Singapore and United States. He always attends his father’s studio, the Master Diego Minuti, where he learns the secrets of the techniques used by the great masters of the past, reinterpreting the concepts in a contemporary way. Drawing inspiration from the world around him—the hidden significance imbued in everyday objects, humanity, and its creations— Minuti explores themes of beauty, mysticism, and spirituality. He uses different tecniques, such as the oil technique, the use of extra-pictorial materials, processing of sculptures with recycled materials from all sources. His works also come from the observation of nature. Minuti comments, “I love the ways that a single brushstroke can create such subtleties in facial expression. I spend most of my time on the face. They tell the story.”