Robert Lach

Nesting is both a joyous time for birth, comfort, and rest, and a fight for survival from the elements of the natural world. Nature provides beauty and tranquility but also potential danger and destruction. It can be a nightmare. I construct sculptures based on the architecture of bird, animal, and insect homes. Viscerally attracted by their nostalgia, ware, and uselessness, I mimic their design, form and structure patterns using locally gathered objects, trash, and recycled materials. My aesthetics are based on the function and utility of the found objects. I repurpose their form. The suitcases represent the transitory nature of home by imitating the behavior of birds, and connecting this to my childhood domestic reality of living in many places and not feeling rooted. Growing up this way, I found solace in nature. Building nests is a ritual expression: an attempt at stability and shelter replacing the transience of my childhood home. Art is informed by personal narratives. I create art as a mechanism to express or give voice to the human condition. I view art making as a holistic process and vehicle of healing.