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Can you hear the silence?


Exhibit by appointment only

June 17 — August 17

What does your silence sound like, the wind, the sea, rain, blood running through your veins, your breath, is there such a thing as nothingness? Is silence subjective? There is no wrong answer as this is an abstract and idiosyncratic question but it intrigues me and peaks my curiosity. At its best the pandemic has given us a different landscape to view ourselves, it’s created a new context for our objectivity.

Our cities and countries around the world got quiet in a way never experienced before, an inwardness that enveloped our days. The world had noiselessness to it that we rarely if ever have heard. We have posed this title to a group of artists to see what their silence looks like and expressed through their art. As our lives to return and the quietude fades can we incorporate the essence of the sensibility of silence into the timber of our being? We can certainly try to take what this time has taught us as we move forward.

The show will run from June 17-August 17 and the work will rotate at the halfway point on July 17.

Participating artists in alphabetical order, Ashley Benton, Angelica Bergamini, Joshua Goode, Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen, Ak Jansen, Elizabeth Jordan, David Paul Kay, Kenjiro Kitade, Juliet Martin, David Mellen, Judy Rushin-Knopf & Camilla Taylor.

Angelica Bergamini

David Mellen

Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen

Joshua Goode

Judy Rushin-Knopf

Juliet Martin

Ak Jansen

David Paul Kay