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Meatpacking District, NYC


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Cutting Through the City


Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen’s new series “Cutting Through the City” represents a captivating exploration of New York City, achieved through a rich fusion of artistic mediums. By blending the vivid essence of New York’s photographic imagery with the intricate detail of photo silkscreen and the spontaneous energy of free-hand cut paper, Gregory-Gruen constructs a visual narrative that pulsates with vitality. Through this amalgamation, she orchestrates a dialogue of texture, form, and the relentless cadence of urban life, resulting in artworks that resonate with an electrifying presence.

Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen continues to infuse her artwork with the same captivating energy and dynamic exploration. Through her bold gestural paper cutting technique, she delves into the intricacies of our inner worlds, using a vibrant interplay of color and candid imagery to convey the intensity and complexity of human emotion. The dimensional layers of her pieces have a vibrancy that evokes the behavior of shadow and light, sparking the viewer’s emotional imagination. In this way, Gregory-Gruen’s artwork serves as a powerful reflection of the human experience, inviting viewers to engage with the rich tapestry of feelings and sensations that define our lives.

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 4, 6–8pm

Exhibition: April 4–May 2

Gallery by appointment only