Ivy Brown Gallery
Meatpacking District, NYC


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Joyful Resistance…


Exhibit by appointment only

September 8 – October 7 2022

Opening Event: Thursday, Sept 8th 6-8pm
Tasting: Wednesday, September 14th 4-6pm
Artist Talk: Friday, September 23rd 4-6pm
Community/School Event: Wednesday, September 28th 3-6pm
Closing Event: Friday, October 7th 3-5pm

Despite a revolving door of daily microaggressions reminding me I do not belong, I imagine a life free from the constraints of implicit bias. I CHOOSE to live a life of Joyful Resistance, finding solace in cherished memories attached to materiality. Joyful Resistance is a celebration of the alchemy that occurs when disparate materials are assembled to create something new, more beautiful, and more purposeful.

– Theda Sandiford