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Stay Curious


‘Stay Curious’

‘Stay Curious’ by curator Ivy Brown opens Thursday, March 14th at The Watermark in Brooklyn Heights’, Gallery, located at 21 Clark St, Brooklyn, NY 11201. The exhibition includes artists Agnés Baillon & Eric de Dormael, Angelica Bergamini, Eileen Braun, Terri Fraser, Samuelle Green, Scott Harbison, Valerie Huhn, Elizabeth Jordan, Megan Klim, Robert Lach, David Mellen, Federica Patera & Andrea Sbra Perego, Judy Rushin-Knopf and Ann Vollum.

Art can surprise you, it can provoke thought, challenge established norms, or contribute to broader conversations about important issues. It could be seen as having a lasting effect, inspiring change, or leaving a meaningful mark on the artistic landscape. Art can go beyond mere aesthetic or expressive value and have a notable impact or influence on the audience, society, or the art world itself.

Opening Event: Thursday, March 14, 5–8pm

Exhibit by appointment only