Ivy Brown Gallery
Meatpacking District, NYC


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Children in the Wood—A Trip to the Madhouse


Exhibit by appointment only

Sep 8th — Oct 6th

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Jordan’s work has a Grimm’s fairy tale quality, using found and seemingly everyday objects her work will take you into her otherworldly reality.

‘Spending a lot of time alone I practice telling stories of events that stick with me. Repeating them to myself is like sharing them with a make-believe friend. Sometimes what happened in the story was ironic, silly, cruel, sad, lovely, eye-catching, or monotonous. It could be frustrating or amusing. But I can’t get them out of my mind, so they must be meaningful. It’s a way I change the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Weird phrases and names; photographing dead things, newspaper clippings, fairy tales; horror films from the fifties and sixties; ghost stories; animals, birds and insects behaving like people; fables; store mannequins; odd found objects, religious symbols and homemade signs interest me. I am an eyewitness to the world.

I’ve created sculptures of creatures that have a request: please pay attention to their gestures, positions, cuts and scars. Through them they portray animals living in a human world. Their appearance tells of how their souls ultimately surrender to the inevitable, and why their stories may or may not have a happy ending.’

Elizabeth Jordan