Vital Signs


Exhibit by appointment only

May 3 – 31, 2022

Ivy Brown Gallery presents ‘Vital Signs’ by Judy Rushin-Knopf, a new body of work, which will premiere Tuesday, May 3, 6-8pm. ‘Vital Signs’ springs from the domain of hospitals and illness through combinations of hand-woven and tufted textiles and minimalist box-like objects that hang on walls or embed in the textiles themselves. The textiles refer to items of worn clothing, flattened identity, and superstition that come with illness and extended hospital stays. Their dominant color is blue, a hue known to calm the nervous system, but also the color of a failing body (cyanosis). The black and white objects – made of epoxy clay and punctuated with fluorescent green plexiglass – serve as comic stand-ins for the array of bizarre electrical outlets seen in hospital rooms.

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