Your Story
February 7th - 21st 2017
Three Artists, Angelica Bergamini, Marie Christine Katz and Laura Mega will take up residence in the Ivy Brown Gallery from and create unique one of a kind works from your stories, memories and events in your life. The artist’s will create personalized works using your photographs, items and thoughts. In these uncertain times we need to support each other and express our needs and concerns. These three artists will build the bridge with art as we all venture into this unknown, irksome, and wearisome period.

Angelica Bergamini’s ‘The Universe is made of stories’, Marie Christine Katz’s, ‘Work in Progress’ & ‘Moments’ and Laura Mega’s ‘Say Something’ will combine into one cohesive exhibition.

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Founded in 2001 the Ivy Brown Gallery represents and exhibits contemporary art of all mediums. Dedicated to supporting emerging and established artists, Ivy Brown takes her experience from the commercial arts world and brings it to the fine arts arena.  Her commitment to art and the critical part it plays in our humanity is the grounding force behind the gallery.
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